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Celina FFA Project Center
In 1993 when Mr. Layman was hired as the Agricultural Science Teacher, there was not a school supported center for students to keep their FFA projects.  He knew that having an FFA Project Center would be a great asset to the school and the Celina FFA.  Mr. Layman had met and became friends with, W.S. Roberts (father of Jason Roberts a junior at the time) & Rick Thomas (father of Amy Thomas a sophomore at the time) immediately upon coming to Celina.  W.S. & Rick had been involved with the Collin County 4H and the Collin County Junior Livestock Show Association for several years.  Mr. Layman knew that these two men would be very instrumental in helping him rebuild & develop the Celina FFA Chapter.  When Mr. Layman arrived there were very few animals shown and very little involvement in the Celina FFA as a whole. He met with these men several times during the first months upon arrival, and asked both of them if they would help him start a booster club, The Parents & Friends of the Celina FFA.  Mr. Thomas served as President for several years.  W.S. worked at the John Deere house in McKinney, and knew all of the farmers in the county very well.  He introduced Mr. Layman to Bob King, who let the Celina FFA use a couple of acres just west of town on FM 455, as a temporary facility for students to keep animal projects.  Both he and Mr. Thomas helped Mr. Layman and the students build sheds and pens for this first facility. 
During this first year Mr. Layman became aquainted with Mr. Bobby Ray Martin.   Mr. Martin had a love for the FFA and students involved in it, and he was also a member of the Ala Hubbard Board of Trustees.  He informed Mr. Layman that ther might be a way that the Ala Trustees could help out.  Mr. Martin introduced Mr. Layman to some of the other members of the board, and Mr. Layman explained to them what he wanted to accomplish.  In just a few months Mr. Layman had a team of men, who were dedicated to doing what they could to help the Celina FFA get a Project Center.    The following is a list of those men who first came together to get funding, materials and manpower to build the first Celina FFA Project Center, which was located where the High School now stands: 

Bobby Ray Martin, W.S. Roberts, Rick Thomas, Wallace Kenny, Travis Johnson, & Roy McGill 


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